The older you get, the less sleep you get. But when I sleep a lot It may not always feel fresh and bright one hundred percent. It’s because when we grow up The duration of our sleep also changes according to our age, how old we are, how many hours of sleep we should sleep to be called enough sleep. Let’s see.

National Sleep Foundation in the United States Identify the proper duration of sleep.

Divided by age as follows:

  • Newborn babies (0-3 months) should sleep 14-17 hours a day.
  • Babies (4-11 months) should sleep 12-15 hours.
  • Children (ages 1-2 years) should sleep 11-14 hours.
  • Preschoolers (3-5 years) should sleep 10-13 hours.
  • Primary school age (6-13 years) should sleep 9-11 hours.
  • High school age (14-17 years old) should sleep 8-10 hours.
  • Teenagers (18-25 years): 7-9 hours of sleep should be recommended.
  • Working age (26-64 years): 7-9 hours of sleep should be the same as in adolescence.
  • Older adults (65 years and older) should sleep 7-8 hours.


However This is the recommended amount of time that is best for the body. You can add and subtract 1 hour in some cases. For example, teenagers, working adults, can get 6 or 10 hours of sleep, which doesn’t mean less sleep. or too much

It can be seen that we may have learned that sleeping 6-8 hours is enough, in fact, who sleeps less than 6 hours often. It may turn out to be not getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep for a long time can affect your health in the long run.