If you follow the news of the cosmetic product industry regularly, you may have seen sporadic about the properties of green tea used to treat acne to collapse. But at the same time, the properties of green tea may only work for some people.

Can we use “green tea” to treat acne?

Green tea that we are familiar It contains natural plant compounds called catechins, which are like antibiotics to help fight inflammation. Anti-free radicals with antibacterial and treat acne on our face

One 2017 study found that another compound in green tea, polyphenols, could help prevent the facial sebaceous glands from producing keratin. Excess oil clogs pores Which is an essential step in acne. In addition, the use of products containing green tea facial skin. It may also help reduce the oil on the face within 60 days.

Alternative treatment for acne with green tea

You can choose a method for Acne treatment with green tea In different forms according to your aptitude, whether it is taking food supplements or using products containing green tea. This may be followed by three simple methods as follows:

1. Facial mask to treat acne

  1. The finished dried tea Or the tea leaves from the tea bags soaked in warm water. Remove aloe vera gel or honey mixed with tea leaves soaked in warm water and stir well Then, apply the mask by dabbing on the acne-affected area and leaving it on for 10-20 minutes rinse with clean water. This method should be done at least twice a week together.
  2. Mask your skin with green tea. Prepare green tea at room temperature. Or there is a coolness at the right level. Find a container with a spray bottle shape. And pour green tea into it. Spray on cleaned skin. Then leave it for about 10-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. This technique should be done at least twice a week regularly.
  3. Drinking green tea This way, you can immediately drink water containing green tea. Both in hot and cold form, should be eaten at least 3 cups per day, in addition to helping to cure acne. It also helps improve your internal health.

Caution when using green tea to treat acne

Green tea extract might interact with patients taking nadolol to control blood pressure linked to heart disease. In addition, the tea contains a lot of caffeine (Caffeine), making it unsuitable for some users, so for health safety. You should seek advice from a medical professional. Or a nutritionist before If you need to take supplements or products containing green tea Because the doctor may recommend the use of other drugs to treat acne to suit your skin condition instead.