Fritters are popular and common. These are those edibles that are subjected to cooking in hot oil. They are easy to find at most restaurants and fast food outlets. Therefore, we give you some tips to avoid fried foods in the diet.

Fries are unhealthy for several reasons . Among them, because they can increase heart problems. Also, when oil is heated, toxic substances are produced.


What are fried foods?

Frying is a simple cooking method. It consists of heating oil or edible fat to 160 or 180 degrees Celsius and putting the food to cook. So, fried foods are those that go through the oil and form a crust that is characteristic of roasting the proteins.

In this cooking process, changes in the nutritional composition occur. The most common is the increase in total fat when it is absorbed or its decrease if it goes out into the oil.


Adverse effects of eating fried foods

Eating fried foods has some harmful health consequences. This is because changes occur in the components of the food. In addition, the oil where it is fried is also modified.


Formation of toxic substances

During frying, deterioration of the oil occurs. Therefore, chemical compounds are formed, such as free radicals, and fatty acids are released from triglycerides, making them more susceptible to oxidation.


Nutrient loss

Some vitamins (A, D, E and K) dissolve in fat, according to research . So, when they are subjected to frying, they are lost because they remain in the oil .

In this way, it is prevented from reaching the body and consumption is not as nutritious as if the food were cooked in another way. In addition, other vitamins are lost, such as C, B1, B2 and folic acid.

Similarly, frying helps the evaporation of water in food. Thus, it achieves that it is toasted and with fewer nutrients to contribute.



Tips to avoid fried foods in the diet


Now that you know why you shouldn’t eat fried foods and their harmful effects on health, we tell you how to avoid fried foods in your diet and lead a healthier life.


1. Opt for other cooking methods

One of our tips to avoid fried foods in the diet is to use alternative ways of cooking. There are healthier types of cooking, such as cooking food steamed or with little water and just enough time. Always putting the food when it reaches the boiling point.

Another nutritious way of cooking is in the oven. This is how most vitamins and minerals are preserved. But it must be done at very high temperatures for short periods of time.

Grilling can also be healthy. Provided that medium-high temperatures are used, since very high temperatures can result in burned food.


2. Use cooking without oil

Currently, there are hot air fryers that transmit heat at temperatures between 170 degrees and 200 degrees Celsius, similar to those of normal frying. This appliance manages to cook food with 85% less fat.

In addition, one study found that hot air cooking is able to reduce the formation of acrylamide by 90%. This means less toxic to ingest.


3. Use the best oils for frying

Hydrogenated oils, such as vegetable mixes, are best for frying. They change less with heat and retain some of their polyunsaturated fat. In this way, the production of toxic substances is reduced.

Within the pure oils, in a study it was found that coconut resists heat better, because it has 90% saturated fatty acids. It was shown that 8 continuous hours at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius did not change its chemical composition.


4. Do not reuse oil

The reuse of oil increases its oxidation state. The production of free radicals and the formation of trans fatty acids are increased.

Its excessive and prolonged consumption can cause liver and heart problems. This is confirmed by some studies .

There is no set number of times an oil can be reused. That depends on the food that was cooked there, how much it was cooked, and at what temperatures. Also how dirty it was.